About This Website

Contrary to popular belief, writing is not a solitary activity.

This website was created in October 2013 as a bulletin board, file cabinet, library, cafe, or seedy bar on the Left Bank — a place for writers to meet other writers, support each other on our respective journeys toward our respective Nobel prizes in literature, or rescue each other from our respective lives of solitary caffeine-,  alcohol- or internet-induced miasma, as the case may be.

Anyone wishing to post comments must be registered, except members of the Swedish Academy or the Nobel Committee for Literature, in which case, I’ll take whatever  comments you’ll give me. I’ll also consider comments from previous Nobel Prize winners in any category, as well as anything from any Nobel awarding institution or affiliated body — or anything at all that’s written in Swedish —  just in case. Not that I’m posting any of my actual writing on this site. I’m just saying.

Other than that, if you want to comment, you really just need to register. It’s pretty straight-forward, really, so come on board — the more the merrier! Please keep in mind that the owner of this website reserves the right to grant or deny permissions, as well as remove comments, as seems fit, or for no reason at all. Once granted permission, registered users are free to post comments to any page on this website, join groups, and start your own group, any old time.

Oh, and if you don’t register, your comments will be deleted as spam, so don’t even think about it.

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